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Cannamazoo is a medical only Provisioning Center in the state of Michigan. Anyone with a valid state ID and medical marijuana card may purchase medical cannabis from Cannamazoo. If under 18, please have a parent or caregiver with the patient at the time of the visit. Registration is not required but is recommended. You can do this online now or we can handle the signup process for you on your first visit.

Skip the Membership

As long as you have a valid state ID and Medical Marijuana card, you do not have to register with Cannamazoo. However, if you choose not to you will miss out on things like:

  • You will not be enrolled in our rewards program.
  • All sales will be final.
  • Your payment options will be cash.
  • You will not receive member discounts.
  • You will not be able to skip any lines.

* We can create the account for you at your first visit if that helps.


Complete your profile at home so you can be added right to the queue when you arrive. 

Our Mission

Improving lives by providing quality medical marijuana products with the utmost care, respect, and privacy.

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